Rangers & Castore Partnership Kicks Off

Kit Launch Reaction & Review

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by Jamie Currie

Castore’s deal with Rangers was described by the club as “one of the most valuable commercial partnerships in the club’s recent history” and it brings an end to the stranglehold Mike Ashley and Sports Direct have had over the club’s retail operations. – a move that was long over due. When it comes down to the crunch, the fans want to buy the merchandise and see the club benefit from it, and it appears with Castore’s involvement that’s exactly what is going to happen with this partnership. Rangers, as confirmed by Tom Beahon, have already received a £3million payment.

Wednesday saw the first-ever kit launch for Castore and it’s fair to say that the team at the sportswear company will be delighted at how the launch has gone; they should be happy with it because it was one of the most professional kit launches Rangers have produced in recent times

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The launch video was classy; it told the Rangers story in through a supporter’s eyes in a two minute and 10 second video. It referenced various legends, past title and cup wins and it was an emotive, top-class piece of marketing.

It brought together the aims for Castore to be a future world-class brand and the demand for Rangers to become successful on the field once again as well as telling a great story of how the generations of Rangers fans eventually support the club.

Better Never Stops is Castore’s motto and they knocked the marketing side of their kit launch out of the park. “You’ll grow into it” when the young boy received his Rangers shirt and at the end there were three generations of a family outside the Main Stand at Ibrox. It captured what the club is.

In terms of the kit itself, they hit the mark. It has a fresh look and nice features. Having the words to “Follow Follow Glasgow Rangers” on the inside of the shirt is a nice touch, and having the waves within the design of the shirt to signify the Blue Sea of Ibrox and the importance of the fans to the “fabric” of the club was a clever play on words. Furthermore, the red and white material on the back of the shirt ties in with how the traditional Rangers bar scarf would look when you’re wearing it.

Better Never Stops is Castore’s motto and they knocked the marketing side of their kit launch out of the park.

It was so easy and practical to buy the kit; numerous payment options and no online queues or website crashing like previous retailers.

Castore had an initial 50,000 available for pre-sale for the new 20/21 home shirt and they have completely sold out. It shows the power of the Rangers fanbase and Castore are bound to be delighted.

Castore pride themselves on premium their sportswear; we have yet to sample the quality of the new Rangers shirt – that will come on August 1st. However, if Castore’s product quality is as good as their promotional and marketing, their foray into the football market will be a rip-roaring success.