The Rangers Store Opens

Ibrox Shop Completes Renovation

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by Jamie Currie

Following on from Castore’s successful kit launch, Wednesday gave them and Rangers the chance to re-open the old Rangers megastore –  with it now being called The Rangers Store.

It’s was a massive day for Castore but more importantly for Rangers Football Club and its fans. The fans now have the opportunity to buy direct from the club at the stadium for the first time in a long time where the money going through the tills benefits the club. That is the most pleasing aspect of the new retail partnership from the fans’ point of view.

Of course, when something like this takes place, it’s human nature to want to see how it pans out and just how much of an overhaul the shop has had since Castore decided to dedicate funds and refurbish it.

Firstly, the queuing outside the store was top-class and very well organised. There were queues for the different people with the different time slots, everyone got in with minimal fuss and were provided with a face covering if they didn’t have one on arrival. There was also a truck playing Rangers songs outside the shop for the people who were waiting to enter.

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The shop itself wasn’t too flashy but it was well laid out and everything was very easy to access within the store. It was a strange feeling entering the store without seeing hideous Sports Direct signage everyone. The Better Never Stops Castore wings signage next to the new Rangers crest really signifies a ‘New Era’ not only for the club but the fans too as they will willingly spend their money on anything with a Rangers badge on it – if the club benefits from it, of course.

Furthermore, having a 1pm time slot, I was honestly dubious as to how much the stock levels had taken a hit prior to my entrance to the store. However, you have to credit the staff and Castore on this occasion, they had more than enough stock on the shop floor and if you asked staff for any assistance, they were more than happy to help with your request and they continually went through the back to check for customers if they had a certain sizing available – something Hummel didn’t grasp with their online offerings and Gers Store and St Enoch Square. 

So overall, the maiden shopping experience in The Rangers Store was an overwhelmingly positive one. I am sure when the football returns the store will be jam-packed on match days. And that’s what the club are looking for it will be positive for everyone to see the store full again. Frankly, it may seem something trivial and straightforward but given what Rangers have been through regarding retail – it’s a key step in terms of significant income.

I am sure the Beahon brothers will sleep well tonight and they will take heart from the opening day at the store. Rangers will be glad they have returned to some retail normality; hopefully the partnership goes from strength to strength.